Agenda de la première journée

Luke Wroblewski, Mobile Mobilizer

Une journée entière ce lundi consacrée à design web pour les mobiles avec Luke Wroblewski:

Luke will lead a deep dive into the latest trends, data, and devices that enable us to design powerful experiences for mobile web sites and apps. After all, designing for mobile starts with understanding its unique challenges and capabilities. He’ll describe how mobile is influencing business and marketing efforts—a key discussion for communicating the value of good mobile design to your boss. You’ll also hear how starting with mobile design first can promote simplified experiences across all of your organization’s platforms.

Les sujets du workshop pour la journée sont:

  • Selling mobile's unique landscape: Native apps or mobile web?
  • Framing your design to embrace mobile web constraints
  • Understanding mobile actions and inputs
  • Dealing with multiple devices amid constant change